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A large cold plunge with a person inside

Unleash your full potential, experience the BoxPlunge

Lead time: up to 4 weeks 

1-year warranty

Done for you chest freezer cold plunge (Plug & plunge)

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cold plunge ozone generation

Ozone filtration

To keep your water clean for months

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No plumbing means won't ever freeze outside

A cold plunge icon showing that reaches freezing temps

Makes ice

Cold-plunge or ice-bath modes

a boulb of efficient cold plunge

Most energy efficient

Only 1,600kwh/yr or $256/yr @$0.16/kwh

Powerful sanitation & filtration

Crystal clear water effortlessly for months. (Read FAQs section to learn more)

Self-unplug magnetic safety system (patent pending)

Everything self-disconnects when you open the lid (Read more about safety*) Consider this a redundant safety measure, should unplug before plunge.

Strong flow rate

Clean & sanitized water for months

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Perfect Finishes

No external chiller means:

As reliable & easy to use as your home's freezer

A chest freezer cold plunge

Towel-rack with a boost

Active heating will dry your towel in minutes! (patent pending)


Control & monitor your BoxPlunge temp. from your phone.


Compatible with: Alexa, Google Home, HomePod

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Chest freezer cold plunges with design
BoxPlunge features

crafting the best affordable  cold plunges 

Call us at: (305) 542-0288

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Learn more about the founder:

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Why Us?

Built to last, crafted using materials of the highest quality and the best industry practices:

  • What are the electrical requirements?
    All BoxPlunges use 110V. The boxes draw little current about 1 to 2amps. The reason is because they are very well insulated, so, a small compressor size is capable for lowering and keeping the water at freezing temperatures.
  • Basics to know
    - BoxPlunges are made from new chest freezers converted into a fully functional cold plunge. The three main components of the tubs are: Filtration and sanitation: The filter keeps impurities and some bacteria away from the water and a powerful ozone generator connected to a timer sanitizes the water and kills 99.9% of bacteria which keeps your water clear for months. Additionally, we sell H2o2 which is the most envirometally friendly chemical-based sanitation method for your cold plunge. Thermostat: An external thermostat will regulate the temperature. Safety equipment: The plunges are equipped with a water-safe GFCI plug. Additionally, our patent pending magnetically safe system unplugs everything from the freezer upon lid aperture. Water-proof structure ("Tub"): The interior is made of enameled coated metal which is designed to be skin-safe, water-proof and corrosion-proof.
  • Should I expect the electric bill to go up?
    – The freezer uses little energy: A 14.3cu. Ft. uses around 338kwh of energy per year that is around $48 per year (at rates of $0.14 cents per kwh). The filtration system uses around 175kwh/yr which is around $25 per year. Total energy consumption should not exceed $260 per year. - How does it use so little energy? The BoxPlunge system works like your home freezer and it doesn't have any water pipes. You see, when water moves through pipes or a filter canister, it can pick up heat, making the system work harder to cool it down again. But BoxPlunge doesn't have this problem because it doesn't have water pipes and the filter sits inside the unit. So, it uses less energy to keep the water cold. It's like it's saving energy because it doesn't have to do extra work to cool down the water again (like every other cold plunge in the market that has an external chiller system).
  • Are these easy to set-up?
    Yes, very easy:
  • How long does it take to arrive?
    – Please refer to the upper section of the home page for this information. Just be aware "Lead time" means the time it may take us to get it out of our warehouse, once is out it may take about 5 business days to get delivered. Call us for a more precise answer.
  • How is the BoxPlunge different from other cold plunges in the market?
    BoxPlunge utilizes the built-in refrigeration system of a chest freezer to achieve freezing temperatures for cold plunges. Unlike other cold plunge systems that rely on chillers to extract heat from the water via a heat exchanger and a fan, BoxPlunge passively radiates heat through the outer walls of the freezer, providing a simpler and more energy-efficient solution. The unique design of BoxPlunge offers several advantages over traditional chiller-based systems: Quieter operation: BoxPlunge operates without the need for a fan, making its refrigeration system significantly quieter than systems using chillers. Less maintenance: The simplicity of BoxPlunge's design translates to fewer moving parts and less complexity, resulting in low maintenance requirements compared to external chiller-based cold plunges which do require yearly maintenance and are much more likely to break down (less reliable at freezing temperatures). Superior insulation: BoxPlunge features exceptional insulation capabilities, thanks to the thick foam layer between the inner and outer walls of the freezer (>3" of insulation). This advanced insulation ensures the water remains cold for extended periods, reducing the need for the compressor to run frequently. Also, the insulation guarantees "drip-free" walls which means there will not be any sort of external moisture due to condensation, in other words, a completely dry floor. Further, we guarantee water won't freeze even during the coldest of winters. Uses less energy: The BoxPlunge cooling system is simple ~ works like your home freezer, not like the other cold-plunge chiller systems. You see, when water moves through pipes, it can pick up heat, making the system work harder to cool it down again. But BoxPlunge doesn't have this problem because it doesn't have water pipes at all. So, it uses less energy to keep the water cold. It's like it's saving energy because it doesn't have to do extra work to cool down the water again (like every other cold plunge in the market that has an external chiller system). Less heat dissipation: The heat radiated from a BoxPlunge will not make the room hot (no exhaust required), any external chiller will make the room hotter, unless you install an exhaust. No Plumbing: Not having an external chiller means water does not have to flow out of the unit to get chilled, this avoids any plumbing work which significantly reduces complexity on the system. Further, when there is external plumbing such as an external filter canister there will always be condesantion as a filter canister is less than 1/6" thick; this also means that if you were to turn off the chiller bacteria will grow incredibly fast inside that filter canister (room temp. water in a dirty filter canister is the perfect environment for bacteria or mold to thrive) No Condensation: Unlike external chiller systems that need a water tray for managing water condesation (plumbing systems are never insulated enough for there to not be any condesation even the best chillers will need a water tray), BoxPlunge guarantees your floor will stay 100% dry with not tray needed.
  • How long does the water take to cool down?
    Water may take 48hrs+ to reach low temperatures (WITH THE PUMP UNPLUGGED), that's why it is recommended to use ice the first time you fill it up with water and/or after 3 to 6 months when you have to change the water. For Box 19 it may take 72hrs to reach low temperatures. Once is cold, it will be able to keep water at freezing temps without the use of ice. To accelerate the cooling process you may un-plug the water pump during the initial cool down.
  • Can this be kept outside?
    These can be kept outside under shade and ideally protected from the rain. Keep in mind that by leaving it exposed to extremely hot conditions or heavy rain showers you may shorten it's life-span. If you would like to have one built to handle the elements better please select any "modern-style" skin which protects the outter white paint for 5 to 6 years.
  • How does the lid come? Is it attached? or removable?
    Box 10 comes with the lid on hinges. Box 14 customizable, just select the desired format on the drop-down menu Box 19 comes with a hinged lid and a lid-stay system because it is a heavier lid, if you leave us a note at check out specifying that you would like this lid to be fully removable then we'll honor such note.
  • What safety systems does it have?
    Our cold plunge freezers are equipped with a safety feature that automatically disconnects all electronics whenever you open the lid. You'll know it's working when you hear a "clicking" sound, which indicates the tub is safe and power-free. You will also be able to see the thermostat display turning OFF. Additionally, all the electronics are GFCI protected. Which means everything will disconnect in case there is any electrical fault (similar to the breakers of your home).
  • How cold does it get?
    – We are one of the only cold plunges in the market that are capable of producing ice. Simply drop the set temperature below 32F and let the ice form. But please understand that ice-formations may be abrasive.
  • How well does it handle cold winters?
    The water won't freeze. With more than 3" insulation, 1,200gph water pump and with the water always inside the tub (i.e. no plumbing at all), it will not turn into ice.
  • How do you change the water? Is there a drainage?
    We seal up the original chest freezer drainage (to avoid any possibilty of water leaking through rubber gasket). Instead all our units do come with a powerful sump-pump and hose for you to empty the unit in less than 10 minutes!
  • What type of filtration system does it use?
    - Box 10 to Box 24 uses BoxPlunge advanced filtration system comprised of a pre-filter and a 2.5" x 10" micron pleaded filter (industry-standard). Additionally, all our units come with an ozone generator that will kepp your water bacteria free for months on end.
  • How often should I wash/rinse the pre-filter?
    - You should rinse the debris from the pre-filter (i.e. hairs) in a weekly basis.
  • Can I use chemicals such as chlorine?
    – Yes, you may use SPA chemicals. All our cold plunges come equipped with an ozone generator but you may always add SPA chemicals to further sanitized the water such as: H2o2, Bromide salts or chlorine. BoxPlunge favorite is H2o2, we recommend this form of sanitation as it is the most enviormentally friendly, hydrogen peroxide (H2o2) will dissapear as it breaks down bacteria. You are responsible for monitor your waters PH to be at 7.2 to 7.6
  • How often should I change the water?
    - Assuming you shower and clean your feet before entering the cold plunge, we would recommend changing the water once every 2-6 months. This will really depend on how much impurity you bring inside the cold plunge every time you use it, by impurities we mean: Dirty feet, lotions, deodorant, hairs, etc...
  • How often should I change the filter?
    - We would recommend changing it once a month.
  • What size should I choose?
    - Product pages have a human-model and 3D model and scale (height of both 5' 11") for you to choose the right size. Box 14 is the most popular among average heights, box 19 is prefect for those above 6' 3" and can even accommodate two people!
  • What happens if my shoulders touch the walls of the freezer?
    Nothing, the walls are very cold but the water is as cold. I'm 5'11, my shoulders' width is 22" and have a 10cu. ft. in which I need to retract my shoulders a bit to fit in, but I really have no problems doing so.
  • Why does the sizing may vary from the examples?
    The sizing may vary by: ± 2" (±1cu.ft.) because we may buy chest freezers of different manufacturers. NOTE: We always stick to the ones we know best and have good reputation: Frigidaire, Kenmore, Premium level or Avanti. Be aware that we install a small control box onto the wall of the freezer which adds about 8" to the length (control-box lid should be accessible).
  • Protocols to try when cold plunging:
    - Prepare your body for the shock of an ice bath by engaging in the Wim Hof breathing technique, which aims to enhance autonomic nervous system control and increase tolerance to cold. - Brain cognitive function decreases by 30% - 80%. Keep clarity of mind by anchoring it in cognitive activity. Engage in cognitive challenges while stressed. Or fully relax. - Sit very still: Feel the thermal layer that forms around your body - Move around: Break the thermal layer, embrace the cold - Feel the release of hormones in every plunge. - Control your breathing, play with it. Focus on your breath to not focus on the pain.
  • Recommended time and temperature for cold exposure
    Drawing on numerous studies, the optimal regimen for cold plunging is typically 2 to 3 minutes daily, at temperatures ranging from 32°F to 45°F. As individuals develop tolerance to the cold, there's an option to progressively lower the temperature for increased intensity. BoxPlunge units are engineered for versatility, serving as both cold plunges and ice baths, allowing temperatures to be adjusted down to the freezing point for those who seek a more intense experience.
  • What are the benefits of cold plunging?
    Enhanced Mood and Mental Clarity: Cold plunges can stimulate the production of endorphins, often referred to as "feel-good" hormones, which can lead to a positive uplift in mood. This release can help reduce stress and anxiety, leading to improved mental health. Additionally, the shock and adaptation to cold water can increase mental alertness and clarity. Improved Circulation: Exposure to cold water can cause blood vessels to constrict and then dilate, which can help promote better circulation. Improved circulation is beneficial for heart health and can aid in the efficient supply of oxygen and nutrients to body tissues, contributing to overall cardiovascular fitness. Enhanced Recovery and Immune Response: Cold plunging is often used by athletes for recovery after intense physical activities, as the cold water can help reduce muscle inflammation and soreness. Moreover, regular exposure to cold water can stimulate the lymphatic system, which helps the body to flush out toxins and fight off infections, potentially leading to a strengthened immune system. Increased Brown Fat Volume and Activity: A study found that men exposed to cooler temperatures overnight for a month showed an increase in brown fat volume and activity. This adaptation to the cold environment could potentially lead to metabolic improvements, such as enhanced glucose metabolism, suggesting a natural method to alter the body's energy balance and treat conditions like obesity and diabetes​​. Enhanced Metabolism: Brown fat is known for its ability to break down blood sugar and fat molecules to generate heat and help maintain body temperature. Activation of brown fat through cold exposure can lead to various metabolic changes, suggesting potential pathways for treating metabolic disorders like obesity and diabetes by harnessing brown fat's activity​​. Stimulation of Beneficial Brown Fat Growth: Long-term mild cold exposure has been shown to stimulate the growth and activity of brown fat in humans, which may benefit glucose and energy metabolism. This indicates that manipulating environmental temperatures to recruit and activate brown adipose tissue (BAT) could be a promising therapeutic strategy in the fight against obesity and diabetes​ These benefits have been supported by anecdotal evidence as well as by a wide range of peer-reviewed scientific studies, but it's important to note that individual experiences can vary, and more research is needed in some areas to fully understand the impact of cold plunging on health and wellness.
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